Three Sisters Share Joy on Their Birthday

2020 has been challenging for everyone, and our hearts go out to the families and kids battling life-threatening pediatric illnesses. In January, one little girl’s family got news they never imagined. Their little girl, one year old at the time, has a fatal brain tumor. 

Our job at the Chris Hope Foundation is to bring emotional and financial relief to families who are forced to bear devastating news like this. 

We were asked by the family’s social worker to help with a 2nd birthday party for this brave child. Her May birthday is shared with her twin sister and is also just days away from their older sister’s birthday.

The pandemic did not make the birthday celebration easy for the family and the three sisters. This central Mississippi family made plans to drive to Memphis to be with their tiny patient. However, COVID-19 restrictions prevented the sisters and their grandmother from being allowed in the hospital and in hospital-provided housing.

Their social worker asked CHF to pay for the cost of a hotel night for the patient’s sisters and grandmother, which is also where the small, joint birthday celebration took place. A local bakery donated a birthday cake, and the family brought a box of “Mother Goose Club” decorations, which had also been donated.

At CHF, it’s our honor to answer the call to help when our social work partner sees that we can help make a difference for a family and their sick child. Your donations to CHF help us remain ready to answer every call possible from our social work partner. To learn more about our partner, read this!