Sponsor a Room: CHF Family House Bathroom

This summer, we need your help. We are starting a “Sponsor a Room” campaign to help us cross the finish line in getting the CHF Family House ready to host its first patient family. The purpose of “Sponsor a Room” is to tell you about the remaining gift registry items we still need for specific rooms.

Right now, we’re putting the spotlight on the main bathroom. We’re really proud to have recently finished the flooring and fixtures for the “blue bath,” which is just off the living room and in between the two smaller bedrooms.

Now, all we need before we say “done!” on the blue bath are the furnishings that make it functional and comfortable for families who will be calling the CHF Family House home, temporarily at least.


We think the marble-style tile on the blue bath’s floor is just stunning. We also love the crisp white fixtures and the calming blue walls. To bring it all together, here are some registry items we could really use some help with!

To find these items, just go to our gift registry here. Bed Bath & Beyond conveniently organizes the items by category, so just scroll until you see “Bath.”

  • Shower Curtain ($29.99)
  • Over-the-Toilet Shelving ($99.99)
  • Stainless Steel Wastebasket, Dispenser, and Tumbler ($17.99 and up)
  • Bathroom Floor Mats ($12.99 and up)
  • Anti-Slip Tub Mat ($21.99)
  • Shower Curtain Rod and Hooks ($16.99 and up)
  • Shower Caddy ($29.99)
  • Stainless Steel Toilet Brush ($29.99)
  • Soap Dish ($9.99)
  • Spa Pillow ($24.99)
  • Hand Towel Set ($9.99)

As always, please know how much we appreciate your support of CHF’s mission to ease the financial and emotional burden of families who are battling life-threatening pediatric illness. Thank YOU!