Sponsor a Replacement Window in the CHF Family House!

As many of you know, the CHF Family House is under renovation and will open this year as a comfortable and safe place for families receiving care for life-threatening pediatric illness. 

One of our last remaining renovation tasks — and one of the most expensive — is the replacement of all window units in the home. To be deemed safe for pediatric illness patients, we must install a specific type of window throughout the house. 

Each window unit costs $575 and we need 15 units. 

We know this is a big ask, and we have some ideas for how to make it more manageable, especially at a time when so many community organizations are so financially stretched. 

Organize Friends & Family

If 10 friends and family members came together to donate $57.50 each, you would be able to sponsor one window. Increase that to 20 friends and family members, and it’s only $28.75 each!

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

You’ve seen these on Facebook, and have maybe even started your own fundraiser before! When you create a new post on your page, you can select “Support Nonprofit” and search for Chris Hope Foundation. If you would like some assistance with what to say about your fundraiser, let us know and we will be happy to send you some ideas.

Start an Employee Campaign

If you are a business and your employees are looking for a way to create positive local impact, please consider a CHF Family House Window Campaign. If you have funds in your annual charitable budget, please considering helping us with the purchase of one or more replacement windows so we can open the CHF House as soon as possible!GIVE TO THE WINDOW FUND


Right now, we have a family working with our social work partner, QoLA, who would be an excellent fit for the CHF Family House. The child is now in outpatient care, but her mom had to give up her job when they moved to Memphis for treatment. The Mississippi family currently faces a two-hour commute each way for outpatient care. The car already has wear and tear that makes the frequent trips more difficult, and imagine how uncomfortable it is for the young lady recently off of chemo to bear the multiple long trips … not to mention the pandemic-related risks she now faces as an immuno-compromised youth.

Looking just slightly ahead to the families who will soon be receiving outpatient care, there is no shortages of families who have traveled a distance from their own homes to receive care in Memphis and will no longer qualify for hospital-provided housing.

At CHF, we feel the urgency to open this house and make it available to QoLA and their outpatient families. Please help us a little bit if you can! For every individual person, group, or business who funds one window replacement, we will commemorate your support inside the home near the window with a message of thanks and gratitude for all to see for years to come.

If you’re ready to help, our Give page now has an $575 option for CHF Family House windows. We appreciate you!