CHF Promobile

Our SMART vehicle that goes to all of our events, leads community races that support our partners, and makes gift deliveries to our V.I.P.s

It absolutely delights us when our supporters see the CHF Promobile around town and take time out of their busy schedule to take photos in front of it. You may be wondering how the CHF Promobile came to be. Well, here’s the story.

A couple of years ago, a Memphis couple who are two of our dedicated private donors wanted to supplement their financial gift to the foundation. During the conversation, our founder and president, Chris Hope, mentioned in passing how great it would be for the foundation to have something like a mobile billboard that told the world what we do, and why we do it. The meeting ended and a grateful Chris left with their generous financial gift in hand. But within a few days, the couple called him and said, “Chris, we want the foundation to have that mobile billboard.” The couple increased their gift to CHF so that it covered both the cost of acquiring the SMART car and it added the original donation amount to the foundation’s cash availability.

Chris was over the moon. The foundation is incredibly grateful to this generous couple. After receiving a little bit of CHF TLC to take it from a regular SMART car to the CHF Promobile, we’ve been on the road with it ever since.

Promobile Selfies

We love your enthusiasm for the CHF Promobile. Keep sending us your photos and we will add them to a gallery here!

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