Otis the robot: Spreading HOPE at Children’s Wisconsin this holiday season

Children’s Wisconsin is on the cusp of transformative change in care, thanks to an extraordinary donation from the Chris Hope Foundation. The Ohmni Telepresence Robot is the only technology of its kind in children’s hospitals in the entire state of Wisconsin. Affectionately named Otis, this legendary robot is poised to redefine how children engage in Child Life programs, irrespective of their physical location within the hospital.

By enabling remote control without any physical manipulation from the patients, Otis will ensure inclusivity, especially in situations where physical limitations might hinder participation. For the programming team at Children’s Wisconsin, this innovation has long been an aspiration – to transcend physical boundaries and engage patients and families beyond the confines of their rooms. 

This gift arrives as a beacon of hope during the holiday season, promising to infuse joy and festivity into the lives of these resilient young patients. Otis aligns with CHF’s mission to support families in their child’s fight against life-threatening illnesses, ensuring that children undergoing treatment don’t miss out on the delights of childhood. 

Chris Hope had the honor to visit Children’s Wisconsin during their Winter Carnival and witness the impact of Otis. Amidst the festive celebration, one patient, virtually present via Otis, experienced the joy of engaging in the holiday festivities without having to physically be there. 

The smiles and laughter brought forth by Otis during the celebration painted a vivid picture of hope.

Otis is more than technology, it’s a conduit to normalcy and a means for children to stay connected to their world despite challenging circumstances. It embodies resilience, ensuring that every child, irrespective of health challenges, can participate, laugh, and experience their childhood, especially during this magical time of year.

This addition to Children’s Wisconsin signifies innovation with a heartfelt purpose, a testament to the dedication of both CHF and the hospital in redefining care boundaries and bringing happiness to the lives of these extraordinary children. As Otis embarks on its journey within the hospital, it carries with it the promise of brighter, more inclusive care for every child at Children’s Wisconsin, particularly during this season of celebration.