Kid of the Month – Paxxtyn

Kid of the Month: Paxxtyn

Meet Paxxtyn: Our Kid of the Month for August! 

Paxxtyn has spent the last 60 days waiting for a liver transplant. He’s quite the charmer amongst Le Bonheur staff and physicians, and he always keeps a smile on his face.

Throughout Paxx’s stay, he has become quite the professional with checking his blood sugars. And it’s even been said that he could outrace the fastest baby in any crawling competition! Despite only seeing hospital walls for the last couple of months, his mother remains positive about his medical stay, keeping him and others laughing.

Staff members say that without question, Paxx will always stop you to say hello in the halls. He gives the best hugs, too!

Each month, a child life specialist at Le Bonheur picks out a child for us. We’re truly blessed to have so many special fighters in our lives.