Kid of the Month – Mia Grace

Kid of the Month: Mia Grace

Meet Mia Grace: Our Kid of the Month for May! 

Mia Grace was admitted to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital this month for her second kidney transplant. She came in excited and ready to go, and she was in a positive and encouraging mood the entire hospital stay. Her transplant was successful – meaning that Mia Grace would no longer require dialysis three days a week. She is a true gem and a great example of resilience to those around her.

Mia Grace enjoyed getting out of the room and shopping in the gift shop. She picked out a new purse and was most excited to eat Chick-fil-A for her first meal post-op. When she received the Chick-fil-A swag bag, her face lit up! She is their biggest fan, and here at Le Bonheur, we are her biggest fan!

Each month, a child life specialist at Le Bonheur picks out a child for us. We’re truly blessed to have so many special fighters in our lives.