Kid of the Month – Kaitlyn

We met Kaitlyn right before her first surgery. She was nervous, and told us that day she’d only been to the hospital years earlier to have her tonsils removed.

When she came back from surgery, it was obvious she is a warrior! She chatted away and told us all the reasons she had to be admitted for surgery. She walked 13 laps around the floor — which is a whole mile — because she knew she had to help her body get better with physical activity. What a smart, determined girl!

We thought she would be leaving the hospital not too long after her surgery, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Her body had become too worn down and Kaitlyn fell ill. She had to be rushed into emergency surgery.

This week, she has still been able to put that warrior smile on her face. She is slowly growing stronger each day even though she’s still experiencing pain. But Kaitlyn has a great support system and the Le Bonheur team finds her to be a true joy.

For all of these reasons, brave Kaitlyn is the March CHF-Le Bonheur Kid of the Month. During her trip to the hospital gift store, Kaitlyn picked out some fun toys like glow-in-the-dark putty and a light-up skip ball, as well as a “Believe” mask and a Le Bonheur hat. Join us in wishing Kaitlyn a healthy and happy send-off soon!