Kid of the Month – DJ

Meet our Kid of the Month for September – DJ!

DJ has been at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital for quite a while now, but you would never know based on his attitude! His smile and laugh are contagious, and he makes sure to greet every person that walks by his room with an enthusiastic “Hi!”.

Unfortunately, over the past few months DJ has had to learn a lot about hospitals and medical equipment. So, the ability to get out of his room and shop in the gift shop was SO much fun! DJ even picked out a Le Bonheur hat, because of how much he has come to love his temporary home.

A child life specialist at Le Bonheur picks out a child for us every month. We’re truly blessed to have so many special fighters in our lives. Our supporters make it possible to keep serving families affected by childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.