Kid of the Month – Darius

Kid of the Month: Darius

Meet Darius: Our Kid of the Month for April! 

Darius is no stranger to Le Bonheur or anyone who works here. This admission has lasted multiple months, but this sweet boy continues to smile, entertain us with his “tricks,” and wish everyone he sees a good day. Darius loved getting out of the room and shopping in the Le Bonheur gift shop. He chose a backpack and balloon for himself, and then he got a gift for his brother and sister to play with when they come to visit. He is so excited to have family time at the hospital after not seeing his siblings for months. 

Darius insisted on wearing his backpack as soon as it was purchased and walked around saying, “I got a pack pack! I got a Batman balloon too! I like Batman! I’m so happy!!”

Each month, a child life specialist at Le Bonheur picks out a child for us. We’re truly blessed to have so many special fighters in our lives.