Karaoke Night Celebration at Old Dominick Raises $3,500

Our karaoke night at Old Dominick Distillery celebrated eight years of the Chris Hope Foundation and our commitment to helping families with children facing childhood cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.

Thank you to our friends at Old Dominick Distillery for their hospitality and generosity and to Dj 1Luv Entertainment for keeping the music flowing at our karaoke night celebration! Our generous attendees helped us raise funds that are allowing a precious family to give their child the burial they deserve.

“The Chris Hope Foundation was founded after I met one family in need,” said CHF Founder and CEO Chris Hope. “The growth and impact of the Foundation throughout the last eight years has been bigger than I ever imagined, and we’re ready to go next level this year!”

Funds raised in support of the CHF mission go toward providing resources that families are missing due to financial stressors. This ranges from making a child’s birthday by delivering their dream gift, to powering a college education, easing the burden of medical bills and covering other expenses families endure related to cancer diagnoses and other life threatening illnesses.