Do you believe in the power of hope?

Since 2015, the Chris Hope Foundation has been turning hope into action, positively impacting over 4,000 families and children across nine hospitals and eight states – and we’re just getting started.

How It Works

Your monthly contribution bridges financial gaps, providing relief from bills and funeral expenses.

But that’s not all – your support fuels cutting-edge technology – meaning advanced recovery, engaged patients, and managed anxiety, all working together to create a brighter path forward.

For families ineligible for hospital housing, your contribution helps provide a comforting haven at the CHF Family House. It’s a home away from home when it’s needed most. And let’s not forget the joy your donation brings. We supply arts and crafts materials to children’s hospitals through our Therapeutic Arts & Tech Empowerment Program (TATEP), curated by our talented child life specialist partners.

Pledge $15 or more to CHF.

Make a Monthly Commitment.

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Ready to join us? Sign up today and receive our exclusive ‘I Gave Hope’ t-shirt as a token of our appreciation. It’s a symbol of your commitment to making a difference. Explore our impactful initiatives and join the ‘I Gave Hope’ community. Your $15 a month can create a world where hope shines brightly.

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Because together, we can give hope and get hope.