Daily Memphian Story on CHF Family House

We’re grateful to Christin Yates, a reporter at the Daily Memphian! Christin spent time last week interviewing our founder, Chris, Hope, and some of our VIPs: Cindy Howard, whose son Chandler was our first CHF scholarship recipient, and Cheryl Ferguson, a social worker with our partner QoLA.

The focus of the Daily Memphian story, released this morning, is on the upcoming opening of the CHF Family House. Here’s a short excerpt, and the full Daily Memphis article is here (a subscription may be required to read it).

Cindy Howard used to tell her Girl Scout troop not to underestimate the difference one person can make. No one understands this sentiment better than Chris Hope, who started the Chris Hope Foundation (CHF) to help families with children facing life-threatening illnesses.

Hope, a UPS employee for more than 30 years, started the foundation in 2015, and Howard is just one of many family members he has supported through the organization.

Howard and her family moved to Memphis for her son, Chandler, to receive treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She “met” Hope through St. Jude’s social media networks.

“We assumed this foundation (CHF) had been together forever, but it was new when we moved to Memphis in 2015,” Howard said. “It’s cool to see how much it has changed and how much good they are doing for people.”

Hope supported the Howard family in many ways, including awarding Chandler with the first Chris Hope Foundation scholarship; he is now going into his junior year at Ole Miss.

“The scholarship was really huge,” Howard said. “Chris has been very supportive to Chandler … He came to my son’s graduation. He always shows up.” Read more

Thank you to Cheryl, Cindy, and all of the volunteers shown in the news photos for taking time out of their busy schedules to help make this story possible!

We’ve been writing about the CHF Family House a lot. It’s a huge endeavor for us and we can’t wait until we are able to bless patient families with it. Stay caught up on the progress of the CHF Family House here!