Chris Hope Foundation Launches Appreciated Stock Donation Option via Swain Wealth Partners

The Chris Hope Foundation (CHF), a nonprofit organization providing financial and social support services to families of children diagnosed with pediatric cancer and other childhood illnesses, today announced that it will begin accepting appreciated stock donations, facilitated by Swain Wealth Partners.

A gift of appreciated securities offers an appealing mix of tax benefits for donors and direct support of the CHF mission. When selling stocks, individuals generally pay a high percentage of tax on the appreciated value of their shares. However, when stocks are donated directly to a nonprofit, donors do not pay taxes and also receive a tax deduction.

Funds raised go toward the CHF mission of providing resources that families are missing due to financial stressors. This ranges from making a child’s birthday by delivering their dream gift, to powering a college education, easing the burden of medical bills and covering other expenses families endure related to cancer diagnoses and other life threatening illnesses. 

“The true impact of the Chris Hope Foundation is growing each year, fueled by the commitment of our community partners and donors,” said CHF Founder and CEO Chris Hope. “We’re excited to introduce this mutually beneficial donation opportunity for our supporters.”

For those interested in donating appreciated stock or to obtain more information, reach out to