CHF Team Member Spotlight: Denise Johnston


Denise Johnston is our extraordinary CHF special events coordinator. She brings her passion, expertise, and kindness to all of her CHF endeavors. She wants to know if you’ve registered yet for the 2021 CHF Bowling for Hope Tournament!

What is it about our mission that makes you the most excited to be involved?  

Denise: Being involved with CHF, I’m able to see our work touch lives and empower families first hand. The support we provide allows the family to focus their energy on their child and not worry about the car note or the light bill.  Seeing the results of that work is so rewarding. 

If you could use only one word to describe how it feels to you when you know a struggling family and a sick child have been helped, what’s your word? 


What is a special CHF moment you remember most? 

I was blessed to meet one of the children before his passing.  His spirit and that laugh melted my heart.  Seeing his mother’s courage and strength made me realize just how important the parents and family are to the health of the child. His mother needed to be able to just focus on her son and not worry about the day-to-day stuff. 

We like to say that this is “our” foundation – the community’s. How would you describe what it’s like to be part of “our” foundation? 

Being a part of CHF allows me to give back. I have more time than money, so investing my time to an organization that does so much for the community is an honor. 

You’ve been with us for 8 months now. We’re still a small and growing nonprofit. What do you hope we can accomplish together in five years from now? 

I envision our foundation to being a household name. I would like everyone to know what Helping Hands Giving Hope means to the families of sick children!   

Have you ever involved friends or family members in your work with our foundation? What was it like for them to see our work firsthand? 

I have. My sister and her husband and a few other friends. One time working with us and they have all decided to be volunteers. I’m excited to see them dig in and make a difference. 

Tell us a little more about you. When you’re not working with CHF, how do you spend your time? 

I’m a grandmother of 4 beautiful littles and enjoy spending time with them and watching them grow. They call me Nana and I love it. I’m in Risk Management at Helena Agri-Enterprises. Been there for 15 years and I love my job and love the company.  The pool or the beach is where you will find me on hot days and I love to travel and explore new places.