CHF Team Member Spotlight: Amber Reeves

Amber Reeves started out as a volunteer for the Chris Hope Foundation. Her commitment to the CHF landed her a position on the executive team as an administrative assistant. Here are a few questions she was asked about CHF.

1. What is it about our mission that makes you the most excited to be involved? 

The CHF mission is to touch lives, empower families, and fight back against childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. “As a CHF member, I’ve always been motivated to help others, being a team member and being able to draw a connection between my efforts and the organization’s bottom line allows me to see a positive impact. It’s not just about self-fulfillment it’s seeing how we touch lives and empower these families through something so impactful. 

2. If you could use only one word to describe how it feels to you when you know a struggling family and a sick child have been helped, what’s your word? 

“Awestruck” – I’ve always said it’s the little things in life and seeing the reactions of the individuals and the amount of appreciation the families and hospital staff members show us for even the smallest acts of giving leaves me awestruck.

3. What is a special CHF moment that you remember most? 

“A special CHF moment for me is hard to pinpoint. We do so many things that touch lives it’s hard to say just one. But genuinely it is the smiles I see from individuals when we are there. How for a moment we have brought joy to them and those moments are what makes CHF special to me” 

 4. We like to say that this is “our” foundation – the community’s. How would you describe what it’s like to be part of “our” foundation? 

“One of the things I love about CHF is witnessing the results of our team’s campaigns and watching as the leads we nurtured became a reality. Whether we garner new volunteers that become CHF “family” members or how we each grow ourselves and the Foundation together. Having the opportunity to be involved in CHF events from ideation through launch allows me to see how each of our roles strengthen CHF as a whole.”

 5. You’ve been with us for X years/months now. We’re still a small and growing nonprofit. What do you hope we can accomplish together in five years from now? 

“I have been with the Chris Hope Foundation in one aspect or another since the beginning, starting out as a donor / volunteer and then moving into the ranks of as Director of Administration. As a community foundation, what sets The Chris Hope Foundation apart from other non- profits is our growing and vibrant cadre of donors and team members. These individuals, businesses, organizations, and families seek to pursue their own charitable interests and to invest in the community in partnership with the Foundation. Over the next five years I hope we accomplish value increasing donor knowledge, engagement, and empowerment to make a difference in issues we all care about. I believe that increased donor engagement will attract more resources to support The Chris Hope Foundation’s vision and community‐impact objectives. ”

6. Have you ever involved friends or family members in your work with our foundation? What was it like for them to see our work firsthand? 

“I have often involved friends and family in CHF functions. Many are still active donors or volunteers with CHF. It is rewarding seeing the mission of CHF developing in others.”

 7. Tell us a little more about you. When you’re not working with CHF, how do you spend your time?

“My time away from CHF is focused on my family and my work. I am in my final year of school earning my business degree in which I plan to further my position at UPS and CHF.”