CHF Helps Families Handle Financial Emergencies

Parents whose children are in treatment for life-threatening diseases face tremendous pressures. They have to be courageous and emotionally strong not only for their sick child, but also for siblings and other loved ones. Plus, financial struggles are a reality for many families of all types. Those families with very sick children are no different, even if their child’s medical treatment is covered.

Imagine what could happen to a family when job loss occurs while a child is very sick and in treatment. Sadly, this is not unusual. Parents who are at their child’s hospital bedside are often kept away from work. Job loss can result.

Some of the families CHF has helped have found themselves in financial emergencies at a time when their stress is already incredibly high. Missing work or losing a job can mean mortgage or utility payments can’t be made, car notes can’t be paid, and more.

One of the ways CHF helps families is by giving funds that meet an immediate, dire need. We have helped families avoid eviction in their hometowns. We have paid a utility bill just hours before a family faced shut-off. And, we have prevented a mom from losing her car to repossession. While CHF funding isn’t a long-term financial solution for the family, this little bit goes a long way. No family battling for a child’s life against pediatric illness should face snowballing into even deeper crisis. We are honored to help in these instances.

Requests for this type of support are made by the social workers we partner with. Our donors — every one of them, whether they make large or small gifts, one-time-only or recurring gifts — help us answer the call to help. Thank you for supporting our mission to ease the emotional and financial burdens families face when their child is facing life-threatening illness.