Bringing the Beach to Ace

Ace is a six-year-old boy who had a wish to visit the beach. Due to the progression of his disease, which he’s battled for two years, he is unable to go.

That’s when the CHF team decided to bring the beach to him instead!

Partnering with Go Lucy Go and Spreading Sunshine Foundation, CHF teamed with QoLA Kids to make this event happen for Ace in less than 24 hours. 

“Ace’s Army” is the family’s fight mantra. In honor of his grandfather who is in active military as an SFC Army Recruiter, we were able to enlist support from the Army National Guard 1687 Transportation Unit (Packhorse) out of Southaven, MS, to support Ace and his family for his special day.  

To create a beach-like atmosphere, a local condo community’s grounds were transformed into a small resort with inflatable palm trees, a sandbox, beach balls, and umbrellas. The “ocean view” was the property’s oversized swimming pool, which sits just off of the bluff of the Mississippi River. The day brought us a lovely summer-like breeze under the warm sun to help set the right tone for Ace’s beach day.

It was, without a doubt, a special time for Ace and his family. While the kids played in the sand, splashed the water with their feet in the pool (ocean), and nibbled on pizza, the rest of the family, sporting their bright orange Ace Army tees, took pleasure in their precious time with Ace. 

It has been said that Ace is a fighter. He displayed this strength as he played in the sand with his sisters right after getting pain medication from his nurse, who was at the beach party to monitor him. Forty-five minutes later, he was in his dad’s arms as his energy began to fade like the sun. Ace’s beach wish had come true!

The memorable event not only made Ace’s day, but all those who were involved. 

“You guys are awesome. I will never be able to thank you enough for the special beach party. Everything was perfectly thought out. My absolute favorite part of the day was the huge smile on Ace’s face. I will forever treasure these moments the Chris Hope Foundation provided for us!”


Ace’s beach party was part of the CHF Happy Hearts program. Sometimes we are called upon with little to no notice to help support a family when their child is in end-of-life care and has a specific wish that we can help fulfill. If you would like to give a small donation to help our Happy Hearts program, thank you and you can do so here.